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This video is about how I lost thousands of bees due to mites!
In this video I explain who is who inside a hive! I go over who the queen is, what the workers do and what part the drones play.
In this video, I cloned myself so I could have a conversation about my second year of beekeeping!
This video explains why it’s important for kids to get involved in beekeeping!

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Hi Randi.
Being a Chinese girl from the land-locked high rise metropolitan city of Singapore, I have never read about bee-keeping, much less considered doing it. So my comments are from the perspective of a complete novice who went through your entire site with interest, enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

1. On the Starting a Hive page:
1.1 Perhaps you should have a header that reads “How Many Hives? or something along this line.  E.g.
“A few questions to keep in mind:
How Many Hives?
How many hives should you start out with. Several people can only afford one hive, however, two hives is
a great way to start simply because between the two, you can observe and compare them.”

1.2. Under the Equipment section, you have a great opportunity to create links to product sites to generate some income.

1.3  You alluded to the affordability of hives in your 1st paragraph. Perhaps it would be helpful to give those new to bee-keeping an idea about the overall and specific costs involved with a separate header and section on costs?

2. Suggested Plants

Perhaps it is because I know nothing about bee-keeping, but I cannot make sense of how suggested plants comes into the bee-keeping process. Is this something that you need to start with, or is this a success factor for your hive?  This page needs to be better integrated or explained as it seems a bit out of place now?

I would suggest the next page should be about “helping your hive thrive” or “thriving your hive” where you can then list all the various success factors you learnt on your journey about how to help your hive thrive.  This page then logically builds upon your “starting a hive” page?

3. Videos

I love your videos, especially the one you clone yourself to talk about bees! Your fun personality and passion for bees just shine through!  The tone, pacing and length of each video are also good. You are a natural.
It would be good to put a date stamp on these videos and also to order them chronologically.  This would give a perspective of the order and timeline of the videos as you add to them.  As a suggestion, the more basic/fundamental and earlier videos should be listed first so it’s easier for viewers not just to follow you on your journey but also to start with the basic knowledge first and build up from there.  So of the 3 current videos, I would list the “They call it a cast?” first.

I hope these comments help. Keep up the good work Randi!


Hi, I learnt about beekeeping from a friend though he was not an expert too but I always feared the worst when it comes to keeping them myself because of the hazards associated with it. Though I know the business is lucrative but I dont really know how to plunge myself into it. I would really be glad if you can share some helpful tools and tips with me.


Thank you for your response! Before I had gotten into this addictive hobby, I also feared the worst. And after my second year of beekeeping a lot did go wrong and I lost a few hives. There are a lot of threatening factors for honeybees. I will say it is all worth it. As far as tips, I would recommend to just learn as much as you can about them beforehand. This is what I did and it made a lot of those fears go away plus it was helpful for me to know what I was looking at when I did a hive inspection. 


Great website! I like the way you deliver information to your viewers by making videos about bees. This is a very interesting topic. Your background and theme are on point.  I have a question though, what are the precautionary measures you have done so far to make sure that your hives will survive? How do you prevent mites by destroying your bee hives?

I salute you for your bravery and for taking care of the bees because I don’t think I have that courage touching their hives nor come closer to the bees. 


Mites are a huge threat to honeybees and even more so now than ever! It is very hard to learn how to kill a bug that is killing another bug. However, for the time being there isn’t an effective way of treating honeybees for mites without using chemicals. Aside from learning about honeybees, beekeepers also have to learn about these chemicals and how to apply them properly without killing the entire hive. Ensuring your hive is strong by feeding them and making sure the mite population is down is the best way to ensure their success. 


Hello Randi, I must say that these videos are very helpful and informative. I can tell you that you are born for YouTube and I can’t wait to see more of your videos. Honestly, I am not a big fan of bees as I had a bad experience with them in the past so please don’t get angry (lol).


I am absolutely thrilled you liked my videos! And I didn’t get angry when you said you aren’t a big fan. I understand that not everyone is going to like them 🙂 However, I am planning on making many more videos! My goal is to educate people on just how wonderful they are. Thank you for your response! 


This is so interesting. I never thought of learning about bees. I just thought about not getting near them and spraying  “bee killing sprays”. I know, it might sound sad for you. lol However, you make it seem important .I never thought there would be a club about bee’s; especially when it comes to children. 


Hello Linda, I’m so glad you had a chance to a better insight of bees. Honeybees are especially important and worth saving for all human beings. If you did need to spray, make sure it’s the wasps! 🙂 Thank you for your response. 


Hello Handi,
Wow!, Nice and great information. To be honest is my fist time to see clear and so informative information as this about bee keeping. I grown up in an area where you can walk in the forest and find a bee nectar. I remember how we will chase them away using a certain type of smoked grace so that we can take the honey form the tree. 
Watching your videos took me back to those days. I love how you explain it so well and I learned a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information. 


I like how my videos can remind you of a similar time of trying to get honey from bees! I have found such a strong passion in learning how these little bugs work! Thank you for providing your insight as well!


Watching these videos on your post has made me understand the primary aim of natural beekeeping is not only to harvest the products bees create, such as honey and beeswax, but to help colonies to maintain optimum health by giving them a safe, non invasive space to bee. I’ll love to venture into this but it’s very scary trust me I must say you’re doing a good job. I’m hoping you could put up a training for beginners who might be interested.  Thanks alot 


Hello! I’m glad you liked the videos. Honeybees can come across as scary but in reality they aren’t. Sure you can task a risk of getting stung. However, believe it or not, I actually will go out to tend to bees as a way to relax. I liked your idea for creating training for beginners and will definitely have to consider it. Thank you for your response! 


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