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B. Powered Superfood Review – Adding a propolis diet.

B. Powered Superfood

Product: B. Powered Superfood

Cheapest Place to Buy: Beekeeper’s Naturals

My Rating: 4.8/5

Everyone knows that honeybees help us out by pollinating plants and providing us with delicious yummy honey.

However, they do so much more. Just as an example, honeybees make propolis and adding a propolis diet is just as beneficial.

Not to mention pollen and royal jelly which is a couple of other things honeybees provide that benefit us humans.

So how can we get access to these things?

What is B. Powered Superfood?

B. Powered Superfood is a mixture of royal jelly, propolis, honey and pollen all in one provided by Beekeepers Naturals.

It comes as a caramel looking substance that sometimes has a grainy texture to it.

The idea is to take it daily and to be able to add it to a smoothie or drizzle it over other types of food. Keeping in mind that the taste of it is sweet. Sometimes I will either eat it by the spoonful or even add it to a tea I am drinking.

Beekeepers Naturals provides this all in one superfood in two types of jars for purchase: 330g and 125g. Or you also have the option of having reoccurring purchases each month as well.

How does this benefit me?

B. Powered Superfood has all the ingredients in it to boost your immune system. If taken daily, it can help during the cold/flu season and gives you the extra boost you need throughout the day.

  • Propolis alone is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and helps boost your immune system.
  • Royal jelly is also anti inflammatory and has antioxidants in it. However, royal jelly helps your brain function such as with attention, thinking, and reasoning.
  • Pollen can also help boost your immune system and works as an antioxidant.
  • Some studies have shown that honey is not only a natural sweetener but is also an antidepressant and aids in wound care.

After taking B. Powered Superfood on a daily basis, I had noticed that it is not only delicious to taste but it really did help boost my immune system. I wasn’t getting a cold as often as I use to and my energy levels were up more so than when I wasn’t taking it.

Another benefit is the amazing taste. You’d think that propolis or royal jelly, for example, might have a weird flavor but it doesn’t. As I mentioned, I take a teaspoonful daily and the flavor is sweet.

Others have used B. Powered as a facial mask. Which doesn’t surprise me with all the bee products that are in it. Every ingredient can be used for multiple purposes as a standalone.

I also like that it doesn’t have any preservatives or artificial colors in it. It’s soy-free and gluten free.

What is actually in it?

When purchasing honey from the store, I often wonder what else is in it. Besides, the taste alone is far different from what actual honey straight from the hive tastes like. Come to find out that there are other types of syrup put in honey brands.

I have researched B. Powered Superfood and the ingredients are: royal jelly, propolis, pollen and honey. No added ingredients or substitutes. You won’t find any added fillers in this. You are getting natural products.

The results are that it doesn’t have that weird taste to it and you know what you are putting into your body on a daily basis. Beekeeper’s Naturals pride themselves on providing natural products that help others.

Pros and cons.

Here are a few pros and cons to B. Powered Superfood that you might encounter:

Let’s start with the cons:

  • It’s expensive- the price for it can be found here. However, if you sign up for reoccurring deliveries, you can receive a discount. You definitely get what you pay for.
  • During the winter, B. Powered Superfood may arrive in a more solid state. I mean if you put honey in the fridge, it’ll solidify. It’s easily fixable. I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the microwave. Doing so will cause it to lose its natural components. Instead, I would recommend warming up a pot of water over the stove and placing the jar in it (do not let it boil, only let it warm up enough to be able to get it out with a spoon.
  • It isn’t recommended taking if you have an allergy to bee products or asthma. If concerned, reach out to your doctor. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Now for the pros:

  • It tastes great and can be added to all kinds of food.
  • If taken daily, it can help boost your immune system causing you to fight off colds and flu or even help prevent them.
  • It gives you that extra boost of energy. Highly recommend taking it in the morning to get this effect.
  • Can help as a natural sweetener replacement. Add it to tea for sweetness and flavor.

Is it legit?

These days it feels like everything has extra preservatives and other components that I have a hard time even pronouncing. However, I feel it’s safe to say this product is legit.

I have taken the time to research Beekeeper’s Naturals and the products they offer are all tested to provide quality products. Their selection of bee products is outstanding and has done nothing but to help other people. They do not cut corners with what they provide.

Having used this product for over a year, I can say it really helps and is a staple in my house. I found myself not only taking it by the spoonfuls but also using it in foods daily. The results were, I wouldn’t catch a cold or get sick, when others may have been.

Check it out for yourself HERE.

Being a bee enthusiast myself, I personally think it’s amazing that there are products out there that not only help you but showcase just how amazing honeybees really are.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you have used this product and would like to share your experience!

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Wow, that’s something I needed right now; thank you for sharing “B. Powered Superfood Review – Adding a propolis diet.”. I love honey and believe in its power and its health benefits. Unfortunately, many people try to sell you sugar with some syrup adder and claim it’s honey. This product is worth checking out.

Thank you for sharing.

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Right? You really never know what’s in the honey that is sold in the stores. I’m glad you found this one worth checking out! Thank you for your response! 


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