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BEEXTM Honey Extractor Review – Purchasing a manual honey extractor.

Manual Honey Extractor

Manual Honey ExtractorProduct: BEEXTM Honey Extractor

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size: 31 x 21 x 21″

My Rating: 4.5/ 5

As you’re shopping through the grocery store, you stop to grab some honey from your shopping list.

The honey in the bottle looks so nice and perfectly golden. However, do you ever wonder what machine is used to extract that honey?

You can easily get the honey from the frames with a manual honey extractor, but which one should you use?

If you’re relatively new to beekeeping, you may be well aware of how the honey is extracted but unsure of which extractor to purchase.

Here is one product that may shed some light and provide you with more information.

What is a BEEXTM Honey Extractor?

The BEEXTM honey extractor is a machine that is used to manually extract honey. Its dimensions are: 31 x 21 x 21″ and weighing in at 39.2 pounds. However, its height is adjustable to ease with the honey extraction process. It’s cylindrical, durable, and easy to assemble.

Naturally, it comes with a spout at the bottom to withdraw the honey from. This manual honey extractor is made with food-grade stainless steel and has a hand-crank-handle at the top that can extract honey from 4 frames at a time.

Using an extractor is an effortless way to remove honey from frames without destroying the wax or the frames to do so. 

How does the BEEXTM Honey Extractor work?

OK, now you know what an extractor is. How to use it is really simple. After you have uncapped the wax from each frame, you’ll want to place the frames vertically inside the manual honey extractor crates. After closing the lid, you’ll then use the hand crank to start spinning the honey.

What the extractor does is it will spin/extract the honey from the frames without ruining the honeycomb. This can allow for the honeybees to store honey next season without having to spend the extra time building out the wax.

HoneyThis may take some time to do, however, it’s all worth it at the end! After a while(say roughly 5 to 7 minutes), you’ll then want to turn the frames around to get the honey extracted from the opposite side of the frames.

The time it takes before turning the frames around really depends on if you are seeing any more honey coming out. 

As the honey is being extracted from the frames, it will then gather up at the bottom of the extractor.

It’s recommended to have a bucket near the spout of the extractor with the spout open. This allows you to not only see how much honey you have but to know when to stop.

After you’re finished, cleaning the extractor is pretty easy. You’ll want to do this shortly after you’ve finished extracting simply because you do not want the honey to harden or attract ants. I used a hose and a wash cloth to clean out the extractor, tipping it over to help rinse it out. 

Can you purchase this honey extractor inexpensively?

Normally a manual honey extractor will cost you a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, the BEEXTM honey extractor is within that price range, competitively priced, and well worth it. There’s something about being a beekeeper and having your own honey extractor on hand versus borrowing another beekeeper’s.Extracting honey

The other factor is this extractor is a four frame manual honey extractor instead of a two framed one. I have owned and paid the same price for a two framed honey extractor, which naturally, took twice as long to complete the honey extraction process.

A couple of pros and cons…

  • PROS:
    • There are four frames instead of two
    • The ease of which to crank the handle
    • Easy to assemble
    • No leaks
    • Less speed wobble once established
    • No power needed
  • CONS:
    • You have to tilt the extractor at the end to get the last bit of honey.
    • You may have to attach the extractor to another board to stabilize it.

Beware of some additional hardware you may have to purchase.

All-in-all this is a great product to purchase for extracting honey. However, for this particular extractor as well as several other brands, the nut and bolt that attaches to the spout may need to be replaced. Unless you’re willing to sit and hold the spout open the entire time (which has been the case for me a few times).

The spout where the honey exits the extractor and into the bucket can be rather loose. Tightening the bolts may not be an available option. However, I have seen this with other models as well.

Is it legit?

Absolutely it is. For the satisfaction of being able to be self-sufficient in extracting your own honey as well as the decent pricing, I would say this product is legit. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. It will get the job done and be reliable for the next honey flow season as well. It is worth it for any beekeeper who plans to keep their hobby going year after year.

To wrap things up.

Any beekeeper, aspiring beekeeper to be or honey enthusiast who waits all year for the delicious honey to finally be ready to harvest can understand why an extractor is important. 

However, finding a decent priced, reliable and easy to use extractor may not always be the case. Fortunatley, the BEEXTM honey extractor can alleviate some pressure.

It is a hands-on approach to being able to extract honey manually with a headache-free assembly. I can appreciate the effortless time it took to be able to insert the frames and crank the handle for roughly 5 to 7 minutes before I was able to see honey coming out!

Personally, I enjoy having my own extractor at home to use when it’s time to extract honey and enjoy using a powerless extractor to do so. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have. Or if you have used this product and have a review of your own, I’d love to hear it! 

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The honey extracted and ready to market must be of good quality, and an inexpensive way to process the honey efficiently and with quality will certainly be a useful device and will be in demand. Any type of farming tends to be that way; when the product is ready it needs to be processed quickly. The BEEXTM honey extractor seems to be perfect for the job. Having a powerless extractor means that you are in complete control of the speed and the process which is beneficial if you want to produce quality. The market is always ready to receive quality honey and this device helps to deliver!


Thank you for your response! Honey is delicious and it is very beneficial to us especially straight from the hive. I appreciate your time in reading this review!  


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