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Biome Complete Gut Health Review – Probiotic gut health

PropolisProduct: Biome Complete Gut Health

Cheapest Place to Buy: Beekeepers Naturals

Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee

My Rating: 4.9/ 5

Everyone in their lifetime has experienced gut issues at some point. It’s inevitable, I mean we ingest food and Let’s face it, most of the delicious food isn’t good for us.

Junk food is addictive, causing all kinds of bloat and other issues that arise along the way if we continue down the path of deliciousness! But who knew that honeybees can play a role in all of this too!

Probiotic gut health is important for all of us. It has been researched that our immune system is located in our gut and it holds 70% of it. That’s a lot! It seems there are a lot of over the counter pills that doctors recommend with who knows what is inside of it.

However, there are products people can purchase with safe ingredients to use on a daily basis. In this case, this product is used with propolis. You’re probably wondering how is this related to honeybees. Well, propolis is created by honeybees.

What is Propolis?

One of the main ingredients in this product is propolis. Which is made by honeybees with the combination of tree sap and their saliva. It is a redish-brown sticky substance that you can find the moment you open a hive. Honeybees use this to seal up their home and protect them from germs.

Propolis is VERY beneficial to humans as well. It is a sticky substance that provides anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and the list goes on.

Propolis isn’t something that’s new to humans. It has been used for many years. However, in today’s society, I feel like it has been lost and forgotten about. The list of how it can help us seems endless to me.

What are the benefits of Biome Complete Gut Health?

Biome Complete Gut Health comes in a container with capsules that has propolis in it to help improve your immune system.Gut health This capsule also offers a wide array of other functions as well.

It can also enhance the response of your gut by supporting beneficial gut bacteria.

It helps with your digestion, bloat and regularity. This capsule has 3 main components that aid in this:

Propolis: This will feed the good bacteria in your gut as a prebiotic.

Bacillus (MegaDuo): Known as a spore based probiotic, it is capable of surviving the trip through your gut

Tibutyrate (CoreBiome): This helps to regulate the gastrointestinal tract and combats the effects of bloat

These three ingredients work together to balance out your gut and in turn helps with brain function and improves your immune system.

Here are some things it is used for:

  • Digestive support

    Clear skin

  • Mental clarity
  • Immune support
  • Less bloat
  • Gut Health

The other benefits to this product is that it is dairy, gluten and sugar free. You can either take it with or without food. And it is known to be vegetarian friendly.

Who can benefit from this? Are there any adverse effects?

Anyone who may be suffering from gut issues and/or to use as a preventative measure can benefit from Biome Complete Gut Health. I have noticed that it is exceptionally helpful for bloating and since your gut produces 90% of your serotonin levels, it makes sense that it can help with mental clarity as well. 

There haven’t been any known adverse effects. Some people may think that since they are allergic to bee stings, they would also be allergic to other things such as honey and/or propolis. This isn’t always the case, however, I am not a doctor and would highly recommend reaching out to your doctor if you have any concerns.

To wrap this up…

I have found this product to be worth the money you spend. The research is already done for you and is backed by 100% money back guarantee. I personally like how after a couple of weeks of taking it, there is less brain fog and I have found it is helpful for a more regular bowel movement. This may be TMI, however, it works.

I also like Beekeeper’s Naturals products because they pride themselves on producing pesticide-free products. They are beekeepers who found the value in what honeybees have to offer. I have been researching their products for a couple of years now and have found they really do stick to their word of making sure their products are safe and effective.

There’s more to honeybees than what most people expect. Sure they offer yummy honey, however, they are so many additional benefits that honey, propolis and royal jelly has to offer us.

Biome Complete Gut Health is one example of how beneficial propolis is. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about this product or if you have personal experience taking it!

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Stratos K

I have heard that probiotics can also help in case you are on antibiotics since these tend to kill a lot of the good bacteria also. I am wondering if this can also be used in such a case or there are more specialized probiotics for such kind of use.


Hello! I have heard that probiotics can help if you are on antibiotics, too. I am not sure if this would be the case either but it’s worth looking into. Thank you for your response! 


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